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Randal's Monday

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Randal's Monday
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  Randal's Monday

Kleptomaniac, sociopath and a horrible friend. Randal is surely one of the coarsest since the invention of the flying characters scooter. Randal's Monday is a crazy odyssey through space-time as a classic adventure, seasoned with countless pop references from the past 30 years.

Randal wakes up after the engagement party of his best friend, Matt. It has a hangover scandal and Matt portfolio. Within the portfolio is your engagement ring and, without thinking of the consequences, Randal sell the ring and falls on him a terrible curse. Matt ends up committing suicide and now Randal is doomed to relive the same fateful Monday and again, trying to fix his mistake.

Randal needs to retrieve the ring and put your life on the right, before things get worse ... worse plan than the space-time continuum to collapse, for example.

Attention, "geeks"! Randal's Monday has a black humor finest and all kinds of references to pop culture. All this combined with a classic adventure game. It is a tribute to a generation of players, readers and viewers of a sub-culture geek both retro and contemporary.

Randal's Monday will feature a cast of voices of easily recognizable luxury for any fan of the film and television fiction.

Pepe Mediavilla (habitual voice of Morgan Freeman), Ramón Langa (Bruce Willis), David Robles (Leonardo DiCaprio and also the original voice of Randal in "Clerks") or Mar Bordallo (Penny Big Bang Theory) These, among many others, are the most iconic voices in this adventure eternal Monday.

The Anglo-Saxon dubbing will not fall short: will feature the voice of Jeff Anderson, interpreter Randal Graves in Clerks legendary Kevin Smith in the role of protagonist of the game, also called Randal. And Jason Newes known as 'Jay' from 'Jay and Silent Bob'


Duration: it depends on how many hours you've spent watching television Child
About a screamer of references to geek culture
Without zombies! (Let's face today are practically a main feature ...) Although to be really sincere ... also leave some, so: ZOMBIES!
Plenty of unexpected twists ... and even more twists that they are coming and are not at all unexpected
A delirious script written by the neighbor's best friend Terry Pratchett barber


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