Cities: Skylines - Concerts

Cities: Skylines - Concerts

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Cities: Skylines - Concerts
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  Cities: Skylines - Concerts

Cities: Skylines - Concerts is an award-winning title miniexpansión urban development where players can organize and hold major concerts. With music and images of rock bands, EDM and Pop / Folk, plus a new music radio station, Concerts contributes to a more melodic sounds of urban life component.

In Concerts, organize a first show is not just a matter of good music. From new buildings to welcome the stars or management options festival that enhance ticket sales, create advertising campaigns to promote the group's popularity, optimize security budgets and much more in Concerts players take the reins all aspects of the show, from the staging to the backstage.

Cities: Skylines - Concerts include:
New Music Group of the game:
NESTOR, Elijha Moti, and Lily La Roux bring their musical talents to the soundtrack of Cities: Skylines through the new music radio station "Live". 100% uninterrupted music!
New building for the festival:
Upgrade your best entertainment venues to celebrate with a wider audience.
urban ordinances concerts:
Supports the ambition of your festival with new regulations and budget options to promote concerts and profitable to the public.


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