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Tower 2.6.3
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  Tower 2.6.3 | Mac OS X | 27 MB.

Tower: The new GIT client for OS X
Tower is an application for OS X that lets you manage your Git repositories visually and today just presented Tower 2, with many new features and a complete change in the application.
If you use version control in your projects and are looking for good customer Git for Mac, Tower 2 is the best you can use and this new version is well worth.
New in Tower 2

New interface.
Better performance.
Open multiple repositories at once.
Account Manager for clocar repositories with a click (GitHub / Beanstalk / Bitbucket).
Conflicts assistant.
Git-flow support.
Open quickly.
Searches and filters.
Repository Manager.
Always up to date (remote changes automatically downloaded).
Commits unsynchronized.
Details for all.
Notification Center.
Cloned queue that lets you continue working while performing.
Commits faster.


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