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The musical play BIT.TRIP RUNNER and Runner2 is back and it 's better than ever!

The Timbletot is determined to end the love and happiness of the multiverse. CommanderVideo, a lover and has never been, refuses to make it happen. You're ready to jump, double jump, jump on walls, jump slipping, sliding, kicking, float, drive, fly and dance to win. Everything through a series of challenging, fun and exciting levels!

Missions hero! - Runner3 is full of eccentric characters who need your help. Check them hand and will give generous rewards!
Vehicles! - Players will encounter wild vehicles have no chance to comply with the law. Planes eggplant! Celery Cars! Spray Cans propelled fizz! And much more!

Branching! - Each level offers Runner3 forks with different difficulties. Choose the hard way and win some gems; If you choose normal, you will fill your pockets with gold bullion. You choose!

Retro Challenges! - As good traditional series, each level has a level Runner3 accompanying "retro". Two games for the price of one! Moreover, these levels come with a new feature: free movement! CommanderVideo controls as you've never done before and win valuable coins "Gildan" in the process!
Store! - Players can spend the Gildans and gems in suits, coats, accessories and more. No Runner3 integrated shopping. We do not want your money!

New characters! - New and old friends accompany commanders, including: Woah Dave Dave !, Unkle Dill, Frank 'N Stein, Awnty Rewty and many more!

Charles Martinet! - Charles Martinet, better known as the voice of Mario, returns in his role as "The Narrator".


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