EtreCheck Pro 5.0.5

EtreCheck Pro 5.0.5

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EtreCheck Pro 5.0.5
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  EtreCheck Pro 5.0.5 | Mac OS X | 14 MB.

EtreCheck is an application that shows the important details of the configuration of your system and allows you to copy that information to the clipboard. It is intended for use with the Apple Support Communities to help people to help you with your Mac. EtreCheck automatically deletes any personally identifiable information on the outcome. EtreCheck automatically alert you to serious problems such as adware, insufficient RAM or a defective hard disk.

EtreCheck 5 is a major new update for EtreCheck
new features
Available in both the App Store or directly from Etresoft.
Detects more than 50 specific problems and identifies them as major or minor.
EtreCheck is now free for basic use. The free version displays major and minor problems, generate a report Text detect and remove adware and. Additional functionality is available through in-app purchase.
A purchase application allows an advanced interface with more detailed information, graphics and easy to use buttons for various tasks. available free for anyone who already has a license EtreCheck 4.
EtreCheck can now generate solutions to your problem and major and minor problems using their online engine diagnostic powered IA. Solutions are available with a purchase application.
Many improvements and bug fixes.
Problems: major and minor
EtreCheck clearly lists any problems detected.
The problems are divided into major, requiring immediate attention, and children, who can ignore if desired.
Each issue includes a link that takes you directly to the information that applies to it.
Advanced User Interface
The advanced interface groups information into several different categories.
Each section includes additional details pertaining to the information in that section.
Extensive information on your Mac, including detailed descriptions and links to additional resources support Apple and others.
Now it includes easy to use buttons to remove adware and easily solve some simple problems.
It includes graphs, tables and images to help you see and understand the information.
Available as an in-app purchase with no expiration date.
Each major and minor problem has a solution for that problem.
It includes one or more tasks step by step you can take to solve your Mac.
Available for purchase in the application for a single individual report.
Buying a solution also will enable advanced user interface for a single individual report.


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