Pixel Film Studios - Prologram

Pixel Film Studios - Prologram

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Pixel Film Studios - Prologram
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  Pixel Film Studios - Prologram (Final Cut Pro X)

You're our only hope
Prologram allows publishers to easily shoot an actor in front of a green screen and turn them into a projected from another planet in one click transmission. Simply choose the preset Prologram that best suits the color of the green screen and place it over the clip. Prolograma also works very well in title sequences.

Random interference
This holographic plugin even has random failures and malfunctions to simulate the interference of light years that transmission could have traveled. With Prologram, publishers can make their images appear to be sent from a distant galaxy.

Add a light source
with controls easy to use screen, users can move and shape the light source holographic transmission. Publishers have simply drag the corner points and pivot point of the light source to align with the hologram and then use the sliders in the FCPX Inspector to complete its appearance.

Designed for FCPX
Designed to work seamlessly with Final Cut Pro X, Prologram has built sliders and drop down menus to help users quickly polish the look of your holographic image. With simple and powerful controls users can alter the color, opacity and distortion of the hologram.


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