iClip 5.2.6b6

iClip 5.2.6b6

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iClip 5.2.6b6
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  iClip 5.2.6b6 | Mac OS X | 31 MB.

iClip is a small application that keeps a history of things that are copied to the clipboard.
By working with a computer it becomes a common action to copy text, files and images using the clipboard as a link, but only allows you to copy an item at the same time. Because of this they have emerged as iClip programs.
Copy as many items as you like

Running iClip is quite clear because each time an item is copied, it will a different clip, so you can have multiple items available at any one time.

In addition, iClip keeps all relevant information to each element that is copied, with interesting details such as:

Origin, document or web address that has been extracted
Date of copy

On the other hand, iClip allows the user to rename each of the elements copied to more clearly identify or separate the elements into a kind of subfolder depending on the project for which you want to use.


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