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Tell people where to go is just the beginning. Welcome to Afterlife, a simulation of building the world that allows you to create beyond the here and now.
Possessed of a supernatural sense of humor, everything begins in a galaxy of God-knows-where. As "regional spiritual director" their task, given to you by the powers that be, it is simultaneously developing two cousins planes "unreal estate" - heaven and hell.
Keep the trillions of souls happy by giving them the rewards and punishments they deserve.

The wages of sin is abundant. Open your life after death Pearl Gates of Heaven or Hell Fiery Gates area of the Seven Deadly Sins and / or their respective virtues.
Then set some roads. Soon, very dead they arrive en masse. Keep them in their future life and flourish. Lose too many on the road and can mean a visit of four surfers Apocalypso (not a good time).
Factor in a half dozen or more of supernatural disasters (not including Total Annihilation), money problems and headaches of the planet and you are in endless hours of play.

More than 200 rewards and punishments produced artistically
About 300 tiles and detailed buildings, more maps, charts and graphs that can shake a pitchfork
In addition, it is the most sophisticated engine of any sim game that begins with the letter A


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