STRAFE: Millennium Edition

STRAFE: Millennium Edition

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STRAFE: Millennium Edition
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  STRAFE: Millennium Edition

STRAFEŽ is a first person shooter that generates unique and complete levels each time you play. Handmade rooms are randomly joined together and filled with a fresh buffet of hungry enemies, so every run offers a new challenge and bloody as they explode across 4 different locations in an unknown space. With secrets hidden in every corner and plenty of mechanics to discover, the tutorial is just the beginning - to explore and experience often!

There is much more of what is known STRAFE Ž are no secrets in every corner, and mechanics to discover. The tutorial is just the beginning, explore and experience often!

PERMANENT DAMAGE AND GIBS! Uber-technology GORE means that enemies explode with blood sources that never fade. Works of art creates perverse death marking your territory explored non-adventurous.

LEVELS EVEN CHANGE! Randomly generated levels are always different and wildly unpredictable. Rooms, enemies, power-ups, monsters and secret cabinets move every time you die!

SPEED MELTING FACE! Blazing fast action wave hit him like the explosion of a thermonuclear warhead 50 megaton, liquefying their skin cells and breaking their internal organs. However, I still leave you coming back for more.

As a Scrapper in an incredibly dangerous mission on the edge of the galaxy, you have only one life to navigate all areas of STRAFEŽ nightmare. When you die, nothing will ever be the same.

+ Four unique areas (three levels each) that demand different styles of play that death - defying + weapon upgrades that make your average death tool in an absolute killing machine
+ 30 + unwholesome weapons
+ 20 bloodthirsty enemies +
+ Some of the most unique secrets in the game!
+ The sickest 1996 and at least the next 25 years soundtrack
+ Unsigned 32 - bit color!
Gravity realistic + digital
+ lighting colors!


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