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PhotoGUN 1.0
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  PhotoGUN 1.0 | Mac OS X | 15 MB.

PhotoGUN is a powerful application that makes it possible to process thousands of photos at once! No longer repetitive work! Simply drag and drop one, hundreds or thousands of photos, you must process the drop-down window and select one or more operations to apply to them. Click the button and "here is" all photo files processed are stored in separate output folder.

You can:
- Resize to make the most appropriate photos for email, blog or any other web, personal marketing or use,
- Adjust Brightness, Contrast and Saturation to improve the balance of light and color,
- Add the professional touch to your photos and apply "vignetting" a creative effect to draw attention to the center of the frame,
- Add watermark to prevent unauthorized use, add copyright text or company logo with customizable transparency levels and other parameters. You can also use this operation to combine photos,
- Cut to cut unnecessary image parts,
- Rotate to change the orientation of the image,
- Mirror to flip the image horizontally and vertically,
- Blur to hide some levels of the details of your photos,
- Add borders for a perfect appearance using different thicknesses and frame colors,
- Change the RGB channels,
- Apply Histogram optimization for improving Automagic photos were chips in similar conditions,
- binarized images using the threshold value and produce monochromatic results,
- Grayscale to convert color images representing in black / gray / white,
- Invest photos,
- Convert the file format to / from JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, XPM, PPM. Including the full range of compression of JPEG quality from 1% to 100%,
- Give new names to your photos and use the flexible option to add at the end of the odd file names, and even all digits,
- Change the order of operations and achieve optimal results,
- Keep operation flows as presets that need again and again.

The application has the preview photo editing with compatible real-time graphics with the retina.
- Preview of all images at each stage of the operations performed by clicking the eye icon in the flow of miniatures,
- picture preview results in the small window and the embedded with the size of the original image viewer,
- preview the resulting photos during the process of creating dialogue batch.


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