Unforeseen Incidents

Unforeseen Incidents

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Unforeseen Incidents
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  unforeseen Incidents

Unforeseen Incidents game is a classic point and click mystery, the adventure unfolds in a hand-painted with great love for detail world. When Harper Pendrell, general handyman and amateur coach, is in his small town with a dying woman, he can not suspect that he is entering inadvertently into a diabolical conspiracy. Only he can solve the mystery of lethal and highly contagious disease that is spreading Yelltown. With the help of a scientist, a reporter and a paranoid artist, Harper investigate the plot and will be caught in a net of fans fraught with danger.

Harper Will she find the courage to uncover the truth and prevent an epidemic even if it means even exposed to infection? Harper accompanied on his trip and get ready for a lot of ingenious puzzles, the most witty dialogues and great characters in this new adventure game Backwoods Entertainment and Application Systems Heidelberg.
key features
Uncover the sinister mystery hidden behind the epidemic and try to save humanity!
Take the challenge of the puzzles that await you in the fascinating game scenarios
carefully crafted and full voice dubbing in English and German Soundtrack
Classic adventure game full of mystery
Beautiful 2D graphics that will delight the retailers with more than 60 different funds
Many scenarios and lots of interesting characters


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