QuarkXPress 2017 13.0.2

QuarkXPress 2017 13.0.2


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QuarkXPress 2017 13.0.2
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  Powerful publishing system QuarkXPress has a wide range of tools for text processing, creating web pages, managing graphical elements and color, and also has an intuitive interface. Currently, QuarkXPress is very widely used in printing houses, magazine, newspaper and book publishing houses, marketing and advertising agencies, design firms.

In addition to tools for creating iPad applications, QuarkXPress offers customers an export utility called ePub, which allows you to create the final product in the form of e-books. Among other things, the ePub utility supports such popular platforms for distribution and viewing of electronic publications like iBooks, Kindle and Nook. Additional support for electronic books is provided by the technology of Reflow View, which controls the correct display of layout on any device where you have to reformat the original layout. Package QuarkXPress for the first time supports the utility Blio eReader for reading e-books in Windows, Android and iOS. Among the new general functions in the package QuarkXPress is worth noting, for example, the function of cloning elements, new markers of ordinary and numbered lists, as well as "conditional" styles that automatically cross the content of the page according to the set of rules. New callouts now allow you to automatically move frames and groups of objects after the text, and the ImageGrid function allows the layout designer to quickly import or build prototyping mesh for graphics. A similar function Linkster is designed to establish or break links for text frames and entire notes. The Story Editor module allows you to process the future text of the material in a full-fledged text editor.

The new version of the Quark publishing system will also make the work of specialists more productive by automating a number of laborious tasks performed manually. The product boasts advanced support for "styles", more advanced tools for working with lists, creating callouts and solving other tasks. QuarkXPress also makes it easy to edit text, clone individual items, create grids for placing images, and create copies of objects or entire pages.

Aspiration. Inspired by the aspiration of designers to perfection, the QuarkXPress package changes the idea of the work of design professionals. The desire to be better and continuously improved is the purpose of the package for layout and design, created to help you achieve your goals.
Pleasure. Feel the pleasure of design, using the intuitive interface of QuarkXPress. Not being distracted from the tasks performed, a powerful set of creative tools will help you easily create what you do best - realize your intent.
Confidence. Launch QuarkXPress and feel confident in more than two decades of experience from the innovator in the field of software for layout and design. As a result of continuous innovation, QuarkXPress gives you an intuitive interface, the ability to design in various media environments, and precise control over typography for the implementation of concepts.
Control. You are an expert creating your own design. QuarkXPress8 gives the designer full control over typography for creating stunning texts. Managing characters and improved baseline grids, along with support for Unicode and OpenTypeŽ, gives you the ability to achieve the desired effect.
Step forward. QuarkXPress is an excellent prepress tool, but for us, as for you, it's not enough now. Be bold! Use your knowledge and built-in authoring Web and Flash tools to publish printed content to various media environments. No need to purchase additional packages or program!
A familiar environment. While everyone will enjoy the simplicity and advanced features of QuarkXPress, current users of QuarkXPress will appreciate the familiar workspace with elements such as menus, palettes and dialog boxes.

What's New in QuarkXPress 2017:

Here's the list of all the main new features and improvements included in this comprehensive upgrade:

Images and Vectors
Non-destructive image editing (adjustments and filters)
Transparency blend modes
New shape tools
More multi-color gradients
Gradients for frames
Item format painter

Typography and Text
Text stroking
Text shading
Column spanning / splitting
Non-breaking text attribute
Merge text boxes
Automatic line between columns
Proportional leading
Additional smart quotes
Smart text linking
Word import enhanced
Footnotes enhanced

Digital Publishing
"Unlimited" * iOS single apps
Adaptive layout conversion
Automatic table-of-content
Responsive HTML5 Publications
(Multi device output)

Adaptive layout conversion
Convert to Native Objects
Mac and Win UI enhancements
Cursor key control increments / decrements
List most recent fonts
Find / Change enhanced
Cross References enhanced
Built-in cache clean


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