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Cryptark is a 2D shooter that challenges players to approach and neutralization of alien ships generated by procedures to obtain revenue for your company privateers. Buy equipment and improved to meet most dangerous targets, but be careful weapons, since failure will result in a loss of investment and profits. Decaying arches aliens will defend from intruders with a broad array of monstrosities cyborg, robotics and security systems, all obstacles that must be overcome to achieve victory, destruction of the core of the ship.

Complex, generously generated by space aliens who pounce and defeat.
challenging campaign, re-playable testing strategy and tactics.
More than 70 weapons and items, including frag-guns, tractor-beams, flamethrowers and nukes.
high scores to rank your skills.
Lips fully synchronized voice acting brings fellow travel companions to life.
Soundtrack blood pumping perfect for intense shootouts.


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Kinkypanda On 2017-10-11 14:58:59

Is it only me that I cant delete it? Cant even find the folder in my application folder but still see it on my launchpad