Rats - Time is running out!

Rats - Time is running out!

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Rats - Time is running out!
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  Rats - Time is running out!

Run through mazes, discover secret rooms, solve puzzles, discover models to unlock powerful tools, controls time, avoid the guards, and if you're lucky, you open the vault, take the diamond. . . and exit before time runs out!

Main features:
Devour powerful cheeses and enjoy delicious effects over time.
Discover the planes and unlock an arsenal of tools ridiculous with their currencies.
Blast your way through a bank in a rocket! Dressing typewriter!
Solve puzzles to gain access to the vault.
Simple controls: Perfect for those who do not like to read instructions!
For once, I have time and money!

Swine citizen Island City: It is to recover what is ours swineherds of dirty, rotten scoundrel who have governed us for too long! Snatch diamonds, loot their currencies to your heart's content - all while eating the finest and most known cheeses powerful the animal kingdom! It will not be easy, friends; even if they seem adorable and huggables, the guards are relentless and will stop at nothing to take them down. Stay focused, be ready - and above all, keep your eye on the clock!


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