Offworld Trading Company - Conspicuous Consumption DLC

Offworld Trading Company - Conspicuous Consumption DLC

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Offworld Trading Company - Conspicuous Consumption DLC
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  Offworld Trading Company - Conspicuous Consumption DLC

Never miss an opportunity for self-expression opulent! Conspicuous Consumption saw the five advanced buildings with personalized audio Offworld particles. Give your game some flaut science fiction classic retro-designed versions, or have a good laugh with versions of goofy fun time. Perhaps their newfound extravagance will distract his opponent long enough so that it can establish a monopoly outside the world right under their noses! ... Well, maybe not, but at least you'll look stunning while you try.

The "conspicuous consumption" DLC comes with two variants for each of the five advanced buildings:
Hacker ArrayWell, it 's not Vegas, but will have to do. Take your chances and luck to her lover while the style clumsy version of roulette, or embrace the retro feel with a radio tower old style.
Offworld Market : Colors, Duke, the colors! Launching its goods offworld and I hope the rocket popsicle not melt, or switch to an elegant retro rocket to make your opponents envious of your sweet ride.
Optimization Center : Be careful not to burst the bubble of anyone while optimizing their resources in the version of silly bubble machine, or give your opponents a little shock with retro-style coil tesla.
Laboratory patentInvestigates sure inside a giant Rubik's cube (you dare not distract trying to match the sides!), Or ahead of your opponents in a building that looks suspiciously like the robot's head of "Forbidden Planet".
Pleasure Dome : Disco Inferno, baby! Tearing the dance floor inside a giant disco ball, or let her platform shoes at home and enjoy some burgers in a galactic space retro style diner. Just ... do not order the special.


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