NuGen Audio MasterCheck Pro v1.4.0

NuGen Audio MasterCheck Pro v1.4.0


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NuGen Audio MasterCheck Pro v1.4.0
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  NuGen Audio MasterCheck Pro v1.4.0

Powerful, flexible Audio Analysis, giving you immediate access to precisely the information you need, when you need it, through a unique, intelligent window system.
Cross Platform Mastering
How do people listen to the music you mix? You work hard to deliver masters that sound great at home, in the car or on earbuds, but that’s only half the story. How does your mix sound on Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play? What about YouTube, digital radio, or Beatport? MasterCheck Pro will show you; giving you a unique advantage and enabling you to take back control of the listening experience. You’ll instantly hear how your tracks are affected by loudness matching algorithms on different devices and services, and you’ll know how your masters respond to different codecs and bandwidths.

One Plug-in, Complete Toolset
MasterCheck Pro gives you the tools to make sure your mix reaches the listener sounding as you intended. Industry standard meters show the Loudness and PLR (dynamic range) of your mix and how they compare to your target platform. Loudness auditioning reveals any level changes and compression that will be applied. External reference auditioning and metering lets you A/B your master FX chain with other music or your uncompressed mix. True Peak Metering ensures you’re within the delivery spec and guarantees you’ll stay clip-free at later encoding stages. Real-time codec auditioning previews your mix through different encoding schemes and quality settings.

Playout services have a ‘letter box’ through which they deliver your audio. If you’re lucky it slides through; if not, the service will force it to fit .A heavily maximized master might win the loudness war on CD, but could simply be turned down on your music service or player. This leaves valuable headroom you could have used for transient detail and punch. With MasterCheck Pro’s Loudness and PLR features you can find the sweet spot between perceived loudness and dynamics, perfectly tuning your master to the format.

The major online music services and stores encode your music in various formats, often using different bit-rates depending on your device or account type. Encoding “hot” mixes can often introduce true peak overs that will clip on playback. MasterCheck Pro will detect these errors, allowing you to stay within a safe limit. You’ll also be able to hear any obvious frequency masking or other artifacts, and try to mitigate these effects at the mixing and mastering stages.

Music Mastering
Mastering for digital music services
Mastering for podcasts and digital radio
Codec distortion detection
Loudness and dynamics comparison with reference material

Music Mixing
Dynamic Range Measurement
Loudness matching across album tracks
FX chain auditioning with matched loudness
Preparation for Mastering


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