Unclutter 2.1.11d

Unclutter 2.1.11d

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Unclutter 2.1.11d
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  Unclutter 2.1.11d | Mac OS X | 8 MB.

Unclutter, catchall for "Disasters" desktop
Once installed, the application will show a pocket on the system bar. And if we follow the instructions, we just have to put the cursor all the way up and make a scroll down (easy to do if you have a laptop or use a trackpad), which will open a drawer in principle it has three departments.

So, we have a department with files or folders, one with the last thing we copied to the clipboard (can be text or an image), or a file in which to write or copy text to have on hand. Clicking anywhere on the desktop will close the drawer. To put something in the drawer, we just have to drag it to the bar and it will open, ready to receive the content they carry.

What's new
- Arrangement: the problem that caused unclutter slow down switching between desktops (spaces). Thanks to the great support from Apple engineers, we were able to locate and correct this error.
- Panel file: CMD + I on selected items now opens the information window system file.
- Lots of small fixes and improvements.


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