Frisky Business

Frisky Business

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Frisky Business
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  Frisky Business

Take the case!
You Mr. Falco Frisk, Frisk private detective Investigative Solutions! Develop your relationships with your team while taking its first case. Immerse yourself in a strange adventure sexy and hot girls and clowns murderers!

Get the girl!
3 roommates Jenny, Lucy and Balbina college need your help, and maybe your love! Flirtation and romance await, but just be sure to stop dangerous clown before it's too late!

Gather clues!
The devil, or in this case the clown, is in the details. Meet interesting and sexy characters, tracks and collects tracks tracks while trying to unravel the mystery of who is behind the creepy clown makeup.

Oh, did we mention that there is a mini-game called STRIP TRIVIA? Nuff- said.

Multiple endings!
3 DISTINCT TRULY end, you'll want to play it more than once to experience all the heat! Are you good enough to get the final TRUE?


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