Future DJ Pro 1.6.1

Future DJ Pro 1.6.1

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Future DJ Pro 1.6.1
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  Future DJ Pro v1.6.1 | Mac OS X | 166.51 MB.

This is ours, full of the latest professional DJ flagship product features that meet the needs of professional and aspiring DJs. Future.dj pro can be easily used by all kinds of DJ from bedroom DJs who enjoy creating their own mashups and mixes the comfort of your home, to mobile DJs and DJs presented in clubs and other performance conditions alive. Thanks to an impressive array of advanced and flexible features, there is nothing to limit your creative flow, other than your own creativity.

Mix everything (audio, video, karaoke)
Mashup tracks, videos and makes transitions mixture of songs most easily with this conventional configuration DJ (2 decks and mixer). Thanks to its intuitive design and powerful features, you can achieve any level of complexity mixing. You can also sit and Automix a full party, simply activating the powerful Automix function.

Tracks / perfectly synchronized rhythms
find automatic BPM detection very precise, allowing it to synchronize and switch instantly between two decks and / or samplers. Intelligent synchronization ensures that when you press the Sync button, the stage will be in perfect sync with each other.

Visualize rhythms
Graphic waveform displays will provide monitoring of the audio signal in real time, information about the audio signal and the pace of rhythm. Each platform has 3 waveforms: a waveform full song and two forms of extended wave. Vertical wave forms allow you to visually align time with ease.

Find your tracks with ease (includes integration of the iTunes library)
There are a browser, a current list and a lateral list available to find, organize, preview and play your tracks. You can look for clues and / or filter them instantly by format (either audio, video or karaoke). Color markers make it even easier to spot your favorite songs, and you can assign different colors to any track.

Create and recall loops, cue-points set
You can set seamless loops instantly, setting input and output points. You can move the loop or make it shorter or faster on the fly. It can also send a loop of the 8 sample slots. You can set / retrieve reference points instant (which act as markers in the song) and see them in the waveform.

Scratch. Reverse. Brake. (it works also with videos)
You are free to make real turntable effects using screens waveform as well as virtual jog-wheels, using MIDI controllers or even real turntables (vinyl using improved engine coded time). You can achieve effects such as the effect of rotation of the disc, scratch, reverse, play, stop, mute, adjust the benchmarks and even effect 'turn back and play'.

Phosphorus and matching your mixes
to musically perfect mixes, you can lock (master tempo) or change the key you want to achieve not only matches but also interpretations rhythm matching keys. The application can also detect the key of a song / video to greatly simplify harmonic mixing.

- Integrating Pulselocker
- Record or transmit your mixes
- 8 UI / masks included (with 2 or 4 tires)


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