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Forced the deep oceans by a great flood happened countless centuries, humanity now lives trapped under a thick layer of ice Unbreakable and survival hangs by a thin thread. However, his penchant for perseverance is strong, and a new civilization has emerged with different kingdoms, religions and cultures. By a twist of fate, you, an aspiring submarine captain, has given you the honor to command your first submarine. With a brave crew at your disposal, now you venture into the unknown in a quest to discover the biggest secret of mankind.

Explore the dangers of the deep in this world awash beautifully done, and discover untold riches and glory. Discover the remains of civilization in many cities and meet unique local tradition, swap stories and treasures, and hire new crew members.

Continuously improve each of the 9 unique game flyable submarines using a deep upgrade system and gain access to new areas and plunders. Discover numerous types of guns and torpedoes to help him overcome the dangers of the deep, and gather your own team to challenge him at his side. Whether you want to play as a silent hunter or a dreadnought with firearms, organized by members of your crew and weapons to suit your style of play.
Game features:
A beautiful underwater world to explore: Three massive and beautifully made to explore marine areas, each with its own features, local stories and more
innovative combination of 2D and 3D graphics: Experience the mysteries of the deep in 3D graphics beautifully rendered while navigating your submarine, and switch to 2D graphics meticulously hand painted to explore towns and cities
Exciting real-time combat submarine: it uses an array of underwater weapons to face life and death shootouts with other submarines and terrifying creatures deadly
Recruitment of crew: Gather your own team to fight alongside you recruit different helmsmen, and Sonar Technicians Gunners. Use each of their special abilities and personalities to change the flow of combat and exploration.
Submarines upgradable: Improve your ship continually acquiring new weapons that can drastically change the tide of battle
9 flyable subs: Explore the world to discover 9 unique flyable submarines, each with its own feel, strengths and weaknesses
Resource Management: This world is not for the faint of heart, since resources are limited and survival is a constant battle. You will have to actively manage their food supplies and oxygen levels if you want to keep your crew alive and overcome the dangers of the sea.
Upgradeable home base: develop and develop your own base under the sea to accommodate all crew members and submarines waiting. Improve your base to increase its notoriety and wealth, and that improved bases can also host valuable opportunities, as traders rare items and bars with marine notorious as sponsors.
Spoils system: the world is full of rare loot and discover hidden missions ... Especially for those who dare to venture off the beaten path
Terrified enemy submarines: explore the world and challenge your courage in the face mysterious giant sea creatures and underwater anomalies!


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