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Inklet 2.1.1

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Inklet 2.1.1
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  Inklet 2.1.1 (macOS)

Inklet allows your trackpad to emulate a pen tablet. When you're using a Pogo Sketch, the trackpad even becomes pressure sensitive.

The full tablet - Moving your Pogo Sketch lightly around the trackpad will allow the cursor to hover without inking. Increase pressure to draw; heavier pressure will result in a thicker stroke.
Handwriting recognition - Inklet works with the handwriting recognition built into OS X. Use your trackpad to jot notes or doodle.
Advanced palm rejection - Inklet includes an advanced algorithm to detect unwanted trackpad touches. This means you don't have to worry about accidentally resting your palm on the trackpad as you draw.

Version 2.1.1:
Trackpad nudging when inking starts and stops is now a lot more reliable. Itís a pretty great experience, and may soon be the default for Force Touch trackpads.
A small area of the trackpad that was previously unresponsive when drawing is now fixed.
Inklet preferences do a better job of noticing trackpad features and detecting when they connect or disconnect.
Performance is very subtly improved while a pen stroke is active.


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