RimWorld 0.18.1722

RimWorld 0.18.1722

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RimWorld 0.18.1722
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  Name: RimWorld
Version: 0.18.1722
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed

OS version: 10.5
Processor type(s) & speed: Core 2 Duo
RAM minimum: 2GB
Video RAM:

This is Beta 18 Release. Released on November 18rd, 2017.Changelog

RimWorld follows three survivors from a crashed space liner as they build a colony on a frontier world at the rim of the galaxy.

Inspired by the space western vibe of Firefly, the deep simulation of Dwarf Fortress, and the epic scale of Dune and Warhammer 40,000.

Manage colonists' moods, needs, thoughts, individual wounds, and illnesses. Engage in deeply-simulated small-team gunplay. Fashion structures, weapons, and apparel from metal, wood, stone, cloth, or exotic, futuristic materials. Fight pirate raiders, hostile tribes, rampaging animals and ancient killing machines. Discover a new generated world each time you play. Build colonies in biomes ranging from desert to jungle to tundra, each with unique flora and fauna. Manage and develop colonists with unique backstories, traits, and skills. Learn to play this deep game smoothly and naturally with our intelligent, reactive AI tutor.


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User reviews are "Overwhelmingly Positive" on Steam


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