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Death Point

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Death Point
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  Death Point

Death Point is a classic stealth action that should inspire not only the player but also surprise. It is an adventure full of emotion and empathy. At first glance, almost traditional, very well it equipped with hard levels and different tasks game is obtained. Instead, you are immersed in a different world, totally affiliating with the main character. "The shooting targets in the labyrinth" suddenly become an immersive story, tangled details, with purpose and meaning. Character, whom you take under his wing, not in the best moment of his life, is alive, and helping you out of trouble, you and a mysterious voice in her head solve the mystery, which turns your little adventure into a thriller. You'll have to exit the underground prison cell, walk the streets of a strange city, reach a cemetery in ruins and underground again before rising almost to heaven. He who seeks always finds, but will it be happy? Storits say like this are based on true facts. In our case, this will be based on future events.

Prepare to be amazed.


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