F-Bar 2.0.5

F-Bar 2.0.5

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F-Bar 2.0.5
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  F-Bar 2.0.5 (macOS) |

F-Bar lets you manage your Laravel Forge servers from your menu bar.

Speed up your workflow
Reboot the server or services like MySQL and Nginx. Launch and open a SSH-connection with Terminal or iTerm directly from your Macís menubar. Short cuts to your sites.

Easy accessible
Deploying a site or view deployment log. Edit Nginx and .env configurations and more. Upload SSH keys and view the latest deployment log.

Multiple Laravel-Forge accounts
Support for multiple Laravel Forge accounts. No need to log in or out. All accounts reachable directly from the menubar which speeds your workflow even more. Your API keys are stored encrypted in the keychain used by macOS. All communication with Laravel Forge is over HTTPS.

Site monitoring
Ability to monitor your servers directly from the F-Bar. The monitor sends an HTTP request to every site on a given interval and will pop up a notification telling you to check out the site.


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