Yep 3.8.3

Yep 3.8.3

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Yep 3.8.3
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  Yep 3.8.3 | Mac OS X | 11,60 MB.

Yep it is an organizational tool and document management. Like iTunes for music or iPhoto for photos, yep lets you search and view your documents in a convenient interface, while offering the ability to save documents automatically in a file in the Documents folder. Yep also it provides support direct scanning and creating new text files or drag and drop images from your application.

Start Yep for the first time and will automatically display all your PDF, iWork and Office documents. Yep force is to view the documents and look through them without having to worry about where exactly it away. Add their own tags to documents, which is like storing them in two places at once. Yep also it has the ability to automatically archive documents in a simple folder system based the date set in its Documents folder. The result is that it is easy to keep track of current receipts, invoices, research - without having to think about where to store it.


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