The Inner World - The Last Monk Wind

The Inner World - The Last Monk Wind

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The Inner World - The Last Monk Wind
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  The Inner World - The Last Monk Wind

Solve a myriad of puzzles in a universe full of mystery and save the family nariflautas! The dynasty takes centuries nariflautas protecting Asposia. They have been secretly commissioned to fill the world of light and life, but when he discovers their existence, the masses begin to pursue them. Emil a junk vendor, has made the asposianos believe that the dynasty is in cahoots with some dark forces. The only one who can stop the evil plans Emil is Robert, the heir to the throne ... nariflauta but has spent the last three years turned to stone. With enthusiasm and without really knowing what you are doing, you will embark on an adventure to find the last monk wind. In his wanderings will accompany two friends: Peck, such a faithful dove as a klutz, and Laura, very rebellious temperament and who is in love with Robert. Everything will change when they meet the enigmatic Mama Dola, who knows more about the fate of Robert than himself.


Play the fun and emotional sequel to "The Inner World". You will be able to enjoy it even if you have not played the first game!
Character change anytime and play with our lovely asposianos heroes, Robert and Laura, or Peck, his bumbling feathered friend.
Enjoy the amazing animations and hilarious dialogues with dubbing film (in English).
You wait hours and hours of riddles and puzzles challenged his uncle Oboe to a game of "Knock, knock" and grab the precious toilet paper, sowing chaos in the plant Shear Woolly mouse helps a Bingo Pony desperate to be happy again, he takes home the adorable puppy gorf and save the land of Asposia! For the second time!
If you find it very difficult to finish the game, do not worry: you have the help of a patented multi-tracks!
Learn new songs and play them on your nariflauta to activate ancient artifacts and invoke the winds!
Enjoy the beautiful animation and evocative soundtrack.
Explore the chaotic cable car station Asposia Central, meet the workers at the plant shaggy mouse, discover the secrets of excavators Mountains and more!


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