Pixel Film Studios - ProKaraoke

Pixel Film Studios - ProKaraoke

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Pixel Film Studios - ProKaraoke
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  Pixel Film Studios - ProKaraoke | Final Cut Pro X | 16.16 MB.

Users can now make your own custom video karaoke with PROKARAOKE Pixel Film Studios. Users can choose from a bouncy ball, shining stars, or a launch area to insert your own. Users receive more than 90 presets for effects and even a text tool master effects all combined in one. PROKARAOKE gives the user full customization on appearance and style. With PROKARAOKE karaoke videos will never look the same again all with a click of a mouse all in Final Cut Pro X.
Pixel Film Studios has done it again with PROKARAOKE. Users can now make your own custom all karaoke video in Final Cut Pro X. With PROKARAOKE users can add their own object bouncing off your custom text, or choose from a ball or bright stars. PROKARAOKE provides complete customization of the text to karaoke videos never look the same offering endless possibilities with a click of a mouse.

With PROKARAOKE bouncing balls, drop zones, and stars. Users can choose to 9 words per line, object location, roundness line, object level, opacity object opacity contour width outline, outline color rotation drop zone, width and color scheme drop zone, star color range and on - screen controls. With PROKARAOKE bouncing off objects attract the attention of your audience like never before with everyone in Final Cut Pro X.

KARAOKE Backdrops
With PROKARAOKE users can choose from 12 funds fully customizable. Users can adjust the color size, rotation, color variation, divisions, ripple, frequency, phase, the internal cutting, external cut, color and vignette. Users can choose between a board fully customizable chess, color rays, clouds, rays of color, polygons, rings, spirals, stars, stripes, text bar, inverted cartoons and even a drop zone with position, rotation, scale and contour controls all with in Final Cut Pro X.


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