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Nighthaw-X3000 is a real time machine that will take you directly to the 80 overexposed colors, neon colors, badass loaded with testosterone, excellent soundtrack wave synthesizer and that specific environment that in the past was exclusive cabinets arcade classics.

His name is James Pilecki and has a line for every occasion. You are an elite pilot with ... some problems. You're dangerous, you have an explosive personality. Some say you're crazy. They may be right, you were suspended disciplinary after all. However, they also know you're the best. Several days ago, the aliens attacked earth. I returned to the service. Your old friend, Nighthaw-X3000 is waiting, refueled and ready to launch. It's time for James war.

Immerse yourself in the Nighthaw-X3000 and deal with the army of vicious aliens. There is only one rule: shoot everything in sight. Faces story mode: 8 missions, full of enemies and murderous threats. You'll die. A lot.

Complete story mode and try additional game modes:
Attack Rating: break the endless waves of enemies and compete with other players via online leaderboards .
Boss Rush: you now have the opportunity to take revenge on those who disturb you more in the story mode. Can you beat them all without respite?
End mode: the question is, do you have enough balls to try?

Do not forget, when you get tired of doing it all alone, call your brother and takes a drink because Nighthaw-X3000 is compatible with the cooperative sofa in all game modes available.


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