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Dead Age
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  Dead Age

Survive the zombie apocalypse with turn-based combat and permanent death! Manages survivors, looting salt in dangerous runs, build alliances, create teams, making decisions that affect the story, defend your camp against hordes of zombies and experience a game with elements of rouge. Innovative indie survival-RPG game!
Just after the zombie outbreak could join a group of survivors and hide in their camp. But that does not prevent any danger! The food is over, the injured survivors must be addressed and need materials to keep the camp. Zombie threat and continuously survivors hostile groups keep you on the defensive increases.

Every survivor should be protected because you need to defend yourself from the dangers of the apocalypse. Get supplies in areas infested with zombies, create teams to survive and buy and sell items to keep everyone alive long enough to learn the skills needed to survive. The combat system has its roots in classic RPGs. You can fight strategically, learn to use different types of weapons and use a variety of pumps or traps.

If you fail and do not survive the apocalypse, you can buy upgrades with medals you've earned in the previous games to give your new character certain tools. Unlocks pre-apocalyptic professions for your character and Specialize in various jobs. Each new game offers different random and survivors to learn about missions.
A feature praised the Dead Age is its non - linear story with real consequences. The decisions you make in conflict situations affecting the future. You can choose to be a hero and save more survivors or let die and save supplies. You can pair up with others or start rivalries that can have disastrous consequences.

Daily events offer new levels of risk in situations where you make decisions that affect your chances of surviving camp. Live long enough and you can unlock the six possible endings.


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