TurboTax Premier 2018

TurboTax Premier 2018

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TurboTax Premier 2018
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  TurboTax Premier 2018 | macOS | 235 MB.

TurboTax Premier - Investment and rental properties. We can automatically import information from investment of the participating financial institutions. Are the actions of employees were sold? Automatically determine the correct basis for the shares purchased, even at different times or different prices.

We are searching over 350 tax deductions.
We found all tax deductions and credits for obtaining the highest tax refund guarantee.

Every detail revised
get a full review of your tax return before submitting it so you can be sure you will not miss anything.

100% accurate calculations
Our calculations are 100% accurate, so your taxes are paid properly, or we will pay any IRS penalty.

Get your tax refund faster
File your tax return electronically to get your refund as quickly as possible.

Help customized upon request.
Get customized to your questions and guidance while specialists draw on your screen answers. *

Coverage in case of an audit.
All returns personal TurboTax are backed by our Guarantee audit support for custom audit guidance of a professional trained taxes.

Automatically imports your W-2 information
Amount safe and secure W-2, 1099-INT and 1099-DIV of more than one million companies.

IRS confirmation
Get a confirmation email once the IRS receives your tax return filed.

Track your tax refund
will tell you when to expect your tax refund and you will be notified when you get your bank account.

Get your affordable care guide
will help you understand how new laws will affect health care you and your taxes.

Understand your tax refund
We explain the changes in your tax refund and give you tips on how to get the biggest refund possible.

Ideal for beginners TurboTax
We help you that your taxes are done correctly, even if not aware of previous tax.

TurboTax on the fly
synchronize their mobile accounts and TurboTax Online to access and edit your information at any time and from anywhere.

Up with the tax laws.
We study the state tax laws and IRS so that our software is updated and you can be sure that your taxes will succeed.

Got big life changes? We can help
Marry? He bought a house? Had a baby? TurboTax helps you find new tax deductions and credits for those who are eligible.


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