It's Spring Again

It's Spring Again

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It's Spring Again
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  It's Spring Again

"It's Spring Again" is an educational game for children over two years. Through gameplay, teaches children about the seasons.

This game aims to develop the associative and logical thinking. Children follow a series of clues and help the seasons change. Learn the order of the seasons and, with a little help from parents and the narrator, compose a melody for each of them.

"It's Spring Again" is based on a successful puppet show for children between 2 and 5 years. In it, some actors handle puppets and teach young magic of changing seasons. This game adds value to the show because they allow children to interact with the story.

The person who lends his voice to the narration of the game Ekaterina Efremova, an actress and wonderful music. He has always lived in Murmansk (Russia), where there are large and small puppet theaters with their songs to guitar and other instruments. It also works with musicians from different genres, love improvisation and never afraid to experiment with their art.


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