Subject 13 1.2

Subject 13 1.2


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Subject 13 1.2
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  Name: Subject 13
Version: 1.2
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed

OS version: 10.6 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: Intel (2.5 GHz)
RAM minimum: 2048 MB

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Distributor: Big Fish Games

Game type: Adventure/Puzzle
Developer: Microids

In Subject 13, you'll play Franklin Fargo, a quiet physics professor. Franklin has led a lonely and bitter existence ever since his fiancée Sophie died. She was killed in a holdup in which he was supposed to be the victim. One morning, he wakes up in the middle of an underground scientific facility that has been abandoned. His only link with the outside world is a voice that calls him "Subject 13". His goal: Escape from the place he's trapped in, and learn more about why he's been imprisoned.

Subject 13 is the new adventure game developed by Paul Cuisset—the man behind "Flashback", "Future Wars: Adventures in Time" and "Moto Racer"—in partnership with Microïds. This is a true adventure game. It depicts a mysterious universe filled with secret hiding places and all kinds of mechanisms that the player discovers, analyzes, and activates. There are also objects to collect and to figure out how to use in the backdrops…

Subject 13 will make you travel from a secret base that has been abandoned to a strange and mysterious island, and in other places, so you can discover the real story. Therefore, you will have to manipulate several items in details to unveil their secrets. You'll have to muster all your insight and intelligence for this daunting challenge.

Key Features:

Stunning 3D rendering
Intuitive interface
Progressive difficulty
Quality dubbing


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