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Fossil Echo
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  Fossil Echo

Fossil Echo is based on a short story with hand - drawn graphics 2D platformer. Set in a fantasy world, the game features no words, a story full of adventure and mystery.

Rich and varied environments
2D animated characters hand
More than 15 minutes of fully animated cutscenes
A mysterious story told without words
An original orchestral soundtrack and amazing
A platforming gameplay dynamic and demanding
intense sequences infiltration
hidden secrets and unlock elements
No on-screen HUD or
Allows good use of Speedrun (stopwatches in-game)

Influenced by the series Oddword by Ico , and Shadow of the Collosus , like films by Studio Ghibli , Fossil Echo , he tells the story of a young man and his journey to climb a giant tower in the ocean. During his rise, they will allow you to discover playable flashbacks the reasons behind his adventure. The game offers more than 15 fully animated cutscenes minutes and the story is told without any dialogue or text.

Fossil Echo mixture platforming gameplay old school type die & retry elements infiltration. Such as Abe's Oddysee and Another World , you have a small margin of error; You will have to do test precision and agility to forge your way and avoid confrontations, because the character is young and vulnerable, unable to fight or kill most of the time ...

Fossil Echo has a detailed graphic style, with pre-calculated / hand painted and hand animated characters 2D backgrounds. Adopting cartoon style, the game features a variety of environments, from dense jungle to a tower covered with snow. No HUD nor any explanation on the screen, the game aims to fully immerse yourself from start to finish.

The world of Fossil Echo is brought to life by more than 2 hours of original music composed by John Robert Matz (Gunpoint, Rodina) and sound design by Gordon McGladdery (Rogue Legacy, Fantastic Contraption). Music and sound effects work together to establish the environment and highlight the history and actions during gameplay and cutscenes.

Fossil Echo is developed by Phil Crifo (History, Art and Design), Thierry Boura (Programming), John Robert Matz (Music) and A Shell In The Pit (Sound Design).


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