MuTools MuLab UL 7.74

MuTools MuLab UL 7.74

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MuTools MuLab UL 7.74
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  MuTools MuLab UL v7.74 | Mac OS X | 32 MB.

MuLab is a production system sound and music of the highest quality for Mac OSX and Windows, transforming your computer into a modular inspiring study. MuLab is an easy, effective and powerful tool designed to create, record and finish your music!

-Create, record, edit and play audio and MIDI multitrack.
-The tracks and flexible sub-audio tracks support parts, MIDI and automation.
- Modular architecture of new generation.
- Motor uncompromising sound quality.
-Automatic management mono / stereo.
- Advanced integration between composer and sound engine.
Parts of automation allows easily automate any parameter modular structure tree, including nested.
- effective for cutting and recycle loops sampled drum support.
-table versatile and versatile mixtures.
Option to the modular routing all mixer signals, resulting in maximum flexibility.
- Synthesizers, samplers and world - class integrated effects.
-New MuSynth workhorse synth / sampler.
-New MuDrum hybrid module.
Deep modular editing lets you create your own synthesizers and effects, including quality panels.
-Includes hundreds of inspiring instruments and effects patches.
- Easy management of preset files.
-Support for top quality plug-ins VST audio and MIDI.
-ReWire Master.
- Support multiple sessions.
-template sessions.
-a user interface and work flow easy to use and stylish.
-multi-monitor support.


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