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Promethium's army is on its way to Earth, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Commander Braybook, its mission is to fly the experimental craft for deep space and stop the armada before you arrive - YOU ARE OUR ONLY HOPE!

Inspired by classic Commodore 64 video game and arcade, Promethium is a very difficult shoot-em-up horizontal retro style with many levels that become increasingly challenging displacement. If you're looking for a casual and relaxing game, this is not it!

Fly to the left and right on the ships of the Navy Promethium. They have shield generators that protect them. Hovering over the shield generator to hack and disable it. Once all generators have been disabled, a code of self-destruction will be sent to the ship, causing it to explode. But be careful, navy ships are defended by a fleet of fighters!

Destroy enemy ships and collect capsules that release power. These capsules are like money, allow you to buy power-ups.

The power-ups available are shown at the bottom of the screen. The power-up you can buy is highlighted in orange. Every time you pick up a capsule of power, the next power-up is available. Some power-ups are single use, while others are multiple-use or temporary use. Experiment to find your perfect match.

Promethium can only be played with a control or, if you're brave and have the reflexes of a cat Ninja, then you can use the keyboard. However, I really recommend using a control, the game is hard enough.
Use any analog stick or directional pad to control your experimental ship, or keyboard mode using WSAD or arrow keys to fly.
You can shoot using any of the triggers or 'B' button on the control X360 or Xbox one and the 'O' button on the dual-shock control. If you're in keyboard mode, you can use the spacebar to shoot.
You can buy power-up current using the 'A' button in the control X360 or Xbox one and the 'X' button on the dual-shock control. If you're playing using the keypad, then any key except WSAD, space bar or the arrow keys allow you to buy the power-up current - would suggest the Enter button as a useful alternative.


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