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Owlet 1.5.1

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Owlet 1.5.1
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  Owlet 1.5.1 | Mac OS X | 142.48 MB.

Owlet is a renderer independent path ray based on physics. Load 3D models in many common formats, it allows you to compose the scene and materials configuration, and then processes the resulting images raytracing engine using our next generation. Owlet provides a sophisticated multilayer material with support reflection, refraction, subsurface scattering, absorption, thin film interference, image-based lighting and more. On the other hand, Owlet comes with a growing library of more than 150 materials and textures ready to use, so you do not have to start from scratch.

Despite the large number of features, Owlet tries to be an easy tool for the end user. As with our other apps, we invested a lot of effort to ensure that your learning curve Owlet not be addressed and you can come up to speed quickly.

Main features Owlet
Application independent
Owlet is a standalone application. Owlet is an independent application, which means that the software supports 3D editing using either an even personalized free application, or commercial software. Owlet loads standard 3D formats such as OBJ, Collada, FBX, 3DS etc your 3D editor can export. You can even change your 3D editor, but still rely on Owlet no matter what.

Advanced rendering engine
Owlet has a state of the art 3D rendering ray rendering engine. Owlet has a raytracing rendering engine based on the state of the art. That means that we simulate light passing through objects just as in the real world. We apply the same principles as nature-mother, so that the result you get is basically the same as if you see it with your own eyes.

omnipotent materials
highly customizable materials. Our complex multilayer materials can do virtually anything you might need. Bump, advanced reflections, thin film interference, refraction, absorption and subsurface scattering anisotropy, file-based options, light emission, masks, groups, everything you need to make a perfect scene.


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