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Tower 57
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  Tower 57

Dieselpunk In a dystopian world where megatorres are the only enclaves of civilization, a group of extraordinary individuals is sent to infiltrate the solitary Tower 57. His skills, the ability of its shippers and their ability to cooperate decide his fate .

Tower 57 is a shooting game Aerial DOUBLE LEVER with graphics inspired pixel layout of 16 bits, with destructible environments and with a high emphasis on how CO-OP . It also provides an update of those elements that made games HELPING so popular at the time.

There is no better school than the old school. Shoot anything that moves and avoid being killed in the meantime . Tower 57 offers complex situations that arise from simple interaction systems, and makes it the hard way : Lives are scarce, comebacks are limited and the difficulty level soars into the stratosphere when you least expect it .

Choose from a team of six unique characters with different skill sets, upgradeable weapons and artifacts . And if you happen to lose an arm or a leg during your mission, always you can replace it with a new and better! Domina these combinations and never get bored during your journey to the top of Tower 57.

Destruction tastes better when shared. The main campaign Tower 57 has been designed for both single player and for the online CO-OP mode . Flanking your enemies, make them fall into your ambushes, make use of special weapons co-op mode, or combine your normal weapons to have a superior firepower and new effects!

WORLD dieselpunk
Find the right path through a maze of floors of a building connected by elevators, full of shops and terminal core, and many walls and passages unexplored secrets that lead you to forgotten parts of the tower. The days of randomly generated levels are over: In Tower 57, everything is carefully designed and made up paying the utmost attention to detail .

SCENARIOS destructible
Crushes, bursts and destroys everything. Recharges. Repeat. Because everyone likes things explode . Therefore, everything (from debris and scrap to traces of blood on the floor) will be part of your trail of destruction throughout the tower.

Each enemy has its own mechanism of recurrence, their own patterns of movement and attack and their own weaknesses. And you'd better realize what those weaknesses are if you do not want to send you to another neighborhood in a jiffy .


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