Man O' War: Corsair - Warhammer Naval Battles 1.3

Man O' War: Corsair - Warhammer Naval Battles 1.3

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  Name: Man O' War: Corsair - Warhammer Naval Battles
Version: 1.3
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed

OS version: 10.9
Processor type(s) & speed: i5 2.6Ghz
RAM minimum: 4 GB
Video RAM: Iris - Iris pro 6200

Bretonnian and Empire campaigns!

Begin your life as a newly conscripted captain in the Bretonnian or Empire navy. A trickier start than the regular independent game, you'll be commanding either a Buccaneer or a Wargalley.

As a member of your faction's navy you'll be able to capture sea zones and even ports for your home nation, though all your actions will have diplomatic consequences - attack ships from a neutral nation and a war is likely. You'll also have to keep an eye out for relations breaking down depites your actions - a hostile nation suddenly declaring war as you sail through their waters.

Joining the navy has other benefits, with enough loyalty built up with your faction you'll be able to hire elite units such as Sergeants of the Empire and Knights of the Realm.

Elite units come with a special trait (or sometimes several) which make them significantly more powerful than normal crew, but they're not cheap. Bretonnians can also hire Knights of the Realm who gain new traits as they level up, becoming especially powerful at high levels.

You can also hire captains for any spare ships you buy or capture - build your own fleet for an invasion.

Independent captains can also get in on the naval action - if you can build up enough loyalty with a human faction they'll offer to let you join their navy. This comes with all the benefits and downsides above. If you choose you can try leading the Wastelanders to glory or perhaps pledge allegiance to the Pirate Princes of Sartosa.

Beware if you choose to betray the faction you have joined, attacking your own faction's ports, hurting allies of your own faction or just destroying your favour with your own faction by attacking your fellow navy ships will lead to a banishment - you'll forever be hostile to that faction.

Finally, it wouldn't be right to join the navy without flying the correct flags - the sailmaker's shop has now opened at the shipwright's office.


Update 1.3 - Pledge your allegiance
- Added Bretonnian start
- Added Imperial Start
- Added military mission to join faction navy (requires high loyalty)
- Added faction diplomacy effects for player when belonging to a faction navy.
- Added capturing of ports for human factions (if joined a navy)
- Added military and elite troops for hire from military screen
- Added knight specific crew tree for Bretonnian Knight elite crew
- Added shipless captains to hire for spare ships in military screen
- Added sailmaker's shop to shipyard (can change sail design, and if member of faction use the navy sail designs)
- Added new missions for faction members
- Faction diplomacy messages shown on main screen for navy faction
- Turning in bounties now gives a small bonus to loyalty (previously only gave favour)
- Joining a faction gives additional discount on ships/refits/repairs
- Feedback messages now appear on map screen
- Boarding a bane tower mid-challenge should be less weird
- Improved fog when in tactical view
- Flag preview fixed on custom battle
- Adjusted tactical viewpoint on bane tower
- Fixed aiming arrow for Bane Tower and Great Winged Terror in tactical view
- Hellrammer sail will show correct design
- Added helmeted option for Chaos Lord
- Fixed randomising fleets in custom battle spending too much on upgrades
- Hellslicer AI improved
- Improved Greatship combat AI
- Fixed bug where captured quest ships could vanish
- Removed weird music source near Sitges
- Bridge at bordeleaux is now solid
- Added translation text for 1.2 update for german/french/hungarian
- Crew bonus can now go up to 150% efficiency for cannons, oars, sailing
- Healthbars now show skulls on powerful/elite troops
- High level enemy AI ships have a chance of spawning elite crew
- AI Fleets now give up chasing a ship if it gets captured
- Ship purchase screen and Warehouse now show skulls to give a guide to how powerful ships are

Update 1.3.1:
- Inventory screen clothing/weapons buttons will take you to the outfit screen/equipment screen respectively
- Added ability to transfer flyer between ships
- Can now buy/sell spears for crew
- Dismissing a wizard will leave them in the port to be re-hired
- Fixed bugs with warehoused ships, flyers and wizards
- Added Loyalty to the captain detail screen
- Fixed a bug which could cause your old ship to attack your new ship when transferring at sea
- Fixed a bug which caused ordered flyers to continue to attack surrendered ships
- Adjusted docking at Tilean ports
- Elite crew can no longer have negative traits when hiring (can still gain injury traits)
- Military crew now only lists elite crew
- Restricted role crew will no longer get inappropriate skills (i.e. no qualified surgeons that can't be assigned to surgeon)
- Fixed a bug with dismissed crew reapparing on the ship
- Fixed a bug with crew not correctly being assigned from the military screen
- Fixed a bug which in some cases led to the player starting in a faction when choosing independent start.
- Adjusted Naval Defence quest to prevent 0 reward
- Adjusted fleet-based quests
- Fixed a bug preventing the player fleet capturing empty zones.
- On capturing an empty zone, player's faction will send patrol fleets to hold it if possible

Update 1.2 - Dark Delights
- Added Slaanesh campaign
- Added Ship Capture mechanic
- Ship upgrades now cost cargo space and are no longer limited by type
- Controlled character camera now moves above the player if it would be pushed too close by geometry.
- Added icons for when your character is locking onto an enemy (by blocking or mid-swing). Updated icons for enemies who are targeting you and nearby enemies out of view
- Khorne campaign start now locked until Independent campaign is completed (unless 'skip tutorial' is toggled in the options or you've played Khorne previously)
- Nurgle and Slaanesh captains can now Ascend
- Additional sail designs for Nurgle and Slaanesh
- Global movement AI ships will collect cargo from enemies they sink
- Ships can now be sold from the warehouse
- Selling a ship from the warehouse will transfer any remaining crew to the player ship, or the tavern depending on space
- Journal shows latest entry on opening, more entries per page, formatting made clearer
- Melee Chain attacks are now much more reliable to trigger
- Fixed a bug with To Smell a Rat quest
- Player ally ships get a small boarding bonus vs AI
- Hellships get a boarding bonus in AI vs AI fights

Update 1.2.1:
- Added zoomed out Tactical View, press V (or Y button on gamepad) when sailing to toggle between normal sailing view and tactical sailing view.
- Hellship sails hidden when using anti-flyer weapon
- Reduced volume on Hellship ambient screams
- Slightly increased late-game build up speed of aggressive factions
- Fix for null error with piloting captured ships.
- Added additional info to crew on capture ship screen
- Moved Capture Ship button to be more obvious
- Crew piloting a captured prize ship will leave their weapons
- Crew piloting a prize ship will move to the tavern after docking (and can be rehired without any up front cost)
- Removed duplicate shrine rewards for Slaanesh
- AI Allies generate less aggro from enemies from accidental damage
- First mate will only warn if you're under attack if you were not already under attack.
- Moved captain load in point in Alquezaro
- Can no longer send a captured ship to a razed port
- Increased value of sacrificed cargo (Chaos campaigns)
- Improved look of Slaanesh corruption UI on ports
- Smoothed melee animations for AI
- Player character defaults to running
- Wolfship front sails hidden whilst aiming front cannons
- Camera behaves better around railings during boarding

Update 1.1.3:
- Added Exalted Bloodship to Khorne navies and as petition reward for Khorne captains
- Reduced destroyed port requirements slightly for higher level petition rewards.
- Fixed a crash bug involving undead spellcasters
- Fixed an issue with low-control regions not spawning defence ships
- Fixed a bug with pirate ports confusing invading factions
- Added additional checks to prevent a stumble locking the captain's movement


Update 1.1.4:
- Added four new sail designs for Khorne ships

Patch 1.1.2

- Boarding a rotting ship to infect it with plague made slightly easier
- Added brief tutorial for infecting ships
- Infected ships show green on map
- Custom battle weather fixed so that stormy is more stormy than 'rain'
- Lanterns no longer cause light pollution on map screen
- Fixed issue with (invisible) dialogue capturing clicks on buttons (e.g. captain skills)
- Custom battle sail picker no longer resets the sail design on editing a ship
- Catapult projectiles travel slightly faster
- Increased stamina cost for NPC captains to block heavy attacks
- Firstmate no longer "Sir Lancelot"s trying to get to the enemy ship if he can't quite jump far enough
- Adjusted AI vs AI boarding to be more fair to player ally ships
- Initial favour for new nurgle campaigns corrected
- Increased bonus damage for player when stamina is high (melee had be come a little too hard)
- Nurgle's Rot crew damage increased to offset natural healing
- Shoreforts at plagued ports are reduced in effectiveness
- Chaos campaign initial navy patrols reduced in strength.
- Added a message whenever any ally ship is destroyed
- Can now sacrifice pennants as a chaos captain
- Adjusted trader AI so that they are much less likely to be carrying 0 cargo
- Added 1.1 translations for German, French and Hungarian
- Allies which infect a ship will correctly stop boarding
- Grey wizards paranoia reduced, they will no longer cas


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