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A musical action adventure set in the corners of the human mind ... Welcome to the world of Figment. A strange and surreal world full of thoughts, impulses and deepest memories, populated by multiple voices we hear in our heads.

The mind takes years and peacefully quiet. But something has changed. They have begun to emerge new thoughts that take the form of nightmarish creatures that spread fear wherever they go beyond. The only hope is that Dusty the Grouch, who was the former voice of the value of mind again be as it was and help the mind to confront their fears.

Join Dusty and his always optimistic comrade, Piper, on an adventure through the various corners of the mind in which you must solve puzzles to restore order, defeat nightmares and restore the lost value.

Enjoy classic hand drawings come to life in a world full of surreal, colorful illustrations and charming characters. Immerse yourself in the unique artistic styles of cheerful Islands of Liberty, radiant Tempoburgo and disturbing ways.

Music is a fundamental part of Figment. Explore an environment full rhythmic trumpet trees, houses and singing piano enemies, and discover how your actions influence in this musical universe and its dynamic soundtrack.

Embark on an exciting journey to battle the universal human fears and helps to restore Dusty peace of mind. Use the dirty tricks of nightmares in your favor to master.

Figment provides various challenges for all players. Wield your sword skill against your enemies, Torture your gray matter to solve puzzles and combines both musical and epic boss battles.


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