MetaImage 1.3.4

MetaImage 1.3.4

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MetaImage 1.3.4
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  MetaImage 1.3.4 MAS | Mac OS X | 27 MB

MetaImage is the ultimate tool to read, write and edit image metadata. This is the first editor that lets you edit EXIF, IPTC and XMP and MakerNotes labels in a beautiful and familiar interface.

The application has been designed to improve your workflow. Users can create and manage presets. In addition, special support for geographical and thumbnail data is provided. In addition, the labels shown can be customized through preferences. Thus, the application fits your personal needs.

MetaImage is fully integrated into your Mac ecosystem. The application even includes an extension of photos.

Tags compatible (> 5000 tags):
- Profile ICC
- Canon
- Leica
- FujiFilm
- Nikon
- Olympus
- Panasonic
- Pentax
- SigmaRaw
- Sony
- and more

The application is designed for professional needs. More than 90 image formats (MOS, CR2, DNG, NEF, NRW, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, RAW and much more) are supported. The MakerNotes labels can be edited but not be created or deleted. This avoids many potential problems with OEM software.

Additional features:
- Export to CSV and JSON labels
- Export embedded thumbnails
- Export embedded jpeg from raw
- Copy / Paste multiple tags
- Supports password protected images
- Notifications support and touchbar


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