Vikings - Wolves of Midgard

Vikings - Wolves of Midgard

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Vikings - Wolves of Midgard
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  Vikings - Wolves of Midgard

Ragnarök. Legend has it that when the cold winds blow in winter, Jotun will return to take revenge on the gods of Asgard. The world is heading for doom and fate of Midgard hanging by a thread. But when the giants of fire and ice begin to unite their armies, are the Ulfung, Midgard Wolves clan. This sanguinary band ostracized Vikings did not fold after the destruction of his village, and are determined to fulfill her destiny and save the world. As head of the clan, your duty to prevent the utter destruction of Midgard and lead the fight against the evil creatures Fimbulvetr.

Fantasy joins Norse mythology
Travels the telluric realms of Midgard, the glacial world of Niflheim and the scorching Balheim, either as a warrior like a warrior or as a maid ruthless escudera.

The deadly Fimbulvetr
Resists ice and protected from the wrath of nature to survive cold.

Pays tribute to the gods
Collect blood of your fallen enemies and sacrifice it on the altar to receive gifts from the gods and improve your powers.

berserker fury
Get carried away by anger activating the Furia way to crush your enemies in a bloody battle.

The art of battle
Hone your skills with each weapon to unleash its true power, including bows, swords and staves delighted.

The power of the gods
Apprentice divine powers with power amulets, talismans as Thor or Loki. Test your new skills competing in tests of the gods to get more rewards.

Work on equip or
Team up with a friend and together they venture into the coast of Midgard Epic in cooperative online mode for players. Choose from four levels of difficulty that best suits your skills and talent. Do you were boldly make the implacable Expert mode?


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