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Turner er 2D platform puzzle game set in an insane asylum where you will take Turner's character a man with a murky past and unstable mental condition. Complete over 500 levels as giving back world around you. Solve the puzzle THROUGH varieded of challenging levels collecting mysterious notes that are watered by the insane asylum, avoid dangerous obstacles, while trying to solve the mystery of why're there.

Rotate the world to its will to make their way THROUGH madhouse.
Learn new abllidades, like jumping or sliding walls bass narrow corridors.
More than 250 original levels, over 250 challenge levels, totaling over 500 levels.
Uncover the mystery cuvre your past.
Comic book style cut scenes.
Use heramientas around to solve rompecabesas while you prevent hazards such as security cameras, electric fences and more.
Dark original theme "drawing style" art.
Career mode speed


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