Clipboard Action 1.3.2

Clipboard Action 1.3.2

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Clipboard Action 1.3.2
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  Clipboard Action 1.3.2 | Mac OS X | 15.78 MB.

Action Clipboard is the smart clipboard history manager, which allows you to run actions with each content clipboard history. Define your custom AppleScript or Automator Workflow using or use a default action of the application actions.

Key Features:
View Modes - Mode list view and detail.
native Mac interface: running action or delete content by sliding gesture.
Scan clipboard history: using a swipe gesture, navigation buttons or keyboard shortcuts.
Actions default application: open, save to file and search Google.
Custom Actions: Actions by the user using AppleScript or Automator Workflow defined.
Folders: Organize your content into folders.
Search and filter content: text search and filter by content type or application from which the content was copied.
Content Selection: no need to work with all content, just select some text and work with them.
Share content: Share contents of the clipboard with friends.
Drag and Drop: drag and drop content to any application.
Global Shortcuts: shows the application from anywhere.
Global Service System: use the selected text from anywhere.
Shortcuts: runs shortcut actions Cmd + 1 .. Cmd + 10.
Flight mode Dock icon displays the application window on the active display and the active space.
Applications ignored: Ignores the copied content of these applications.
Support touchbar: navigation clipboard history and enforcement actions.
Start the application at login.


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