Reallusion CrazyTalk Animator Pipeline 3.12.1719.1

Reallusion CrazyTalk Animator Pipeline 3.12.1719.1


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Reallusion CrazyTalk Animator Pipeline 3.12.1719.1
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  Reallusion CrazyTalk Animator 3.12.1719.1 Pipeline | Mac OS X | 443.3 Mb.

CrazyTalk Animator (CTA) is the 2D animation software easier in the world that allows all levels of users to create professional animations with the least amount of effort. With CTA3, anyone can instantly bring a picture, logo, or prop applying effects to life inflatable elastic movement. For part of the character, CTA3 is built with templates 2D characters, valuable libraries of movement, a powerful editor tools 2D bone, facial puppets and audio tools lip - synching to give users unprecedented control by encouraging 2D characters for video, applications and presentations.

Movie & Video Creators
ideal of a video maker to create cartoon animations with professional features real - time tool.

Artists and illustrators
If you are a doodler, illustrator, or storyboard artist, now you can bring your characters to life!

Marketers and presenters
Create animated videos and presentations to promote your business by displaying your ideas within seconds.

Web designers and games
Animate video games and web pages with animated characters and flashy elements.

Educators and Students
Engage with technology hands on Sparking creativity in the classroom with visual computing.
What's new in CrazyTalk Animator 3:

Production environment

3D camera system.
Motion path and editing the timeline.
Motion curve and render style.

Create 2D characters

2D character rigging and bone tools.
Character templates for humans, animals and more.
Create 2D characters with various angles.

Animate 2D characters

2D animating 3D characters with movement.
Editing elastic and bulging curves.
puppet facial and lip-synching.
facial deformation as 2D.

Create 2D talking heads

Facial Sprite-based system.
Morph facial animation images.
Talking heads used in any character.

Prop Dynamics and SFX

Give life to accessories - Elastic Motion.
Create animations of interactive compounds.
Combine accessories and SFX link.
Light and tones - Layered Effect

Import and export

Immerse your video actor in a 2D animation.
It supports popular image and video formats.
Export Image Sequence for video compositing.

Features Pipeline

Import 3D animations 2D movements for characters.
Customize characters creates new bases.
Import the PSD layers to the creations of characters.
Elastic libraries create unique Motion.
Design vector-based content with multiple rendering styles.

New in version 3.1:

Added: New white paper version PSD for Pipeline
Added: New templates PSD for Pipeline version.
Added: Add the flow of creating characters / PSD prop for the version of Pipeline.
Added: Allow direct replacement for the G3 character on stage.
Added: Allow saving the facial part G3.
Added: Allow reset the speed on the right mouse button menu for motion clips.
Improved: Redesigned for Face Key Editor.
Improved: Redesigned for G3 Sprite Editor.
Improved: clip included motion and voice clip when using Ctrl + Select area timeline for enlargement
Improved: Motion clip displays icons instead of long texts such as Time Warp and Elastic Motion Curve Transition Curve.
Improved: Ctrl + Mouse Roll to move the workspace editing timeline.
Improved: keeps the center by using Alt + Roll mouse to zoom in / out the work area in the editing timeline.
Improved: maintaining stability when using Alt + Left click Click to move the workspace editing timeline.
Improved: Use the option to add subtrack track during automatic editing highlighted in the timeline.
Improved: cancel prior to selecting a new point in the FFD edition selection.
Fixed: the program was blocked by selecting Open File in some PC environments that lost the "My Picture" folder.
Fixed: Possible problems when exporting video containing audio data incorrect.
Fixed: lack of lip-synching data by eliminating movements of character in a project.
Fixed: Possible problems when exporting video .wav file in a project.
Fixed: You can not use the right mouse button to select multiple keys in Voice Clip viseme
Fixed: The program crashed when saving a project after replacing the sprite face.
Fixed: Render Setting the "export range" is not synchronized with the range of input / output.
Fixed: Failed to set the connection points of the character's head.
Fixed: Incorrect description GUI on top of Sprite Editor panel Stage.
Fixed: PNG settings invested Settings preferences.
Fixed: The sub-element is not highlighted to select the main item in the Scene Manager.
Fixed: Sprite was incorrect in some characters G2 to change the angle of 90 degrees character. (Ex. Shirley Stickman)
Fixed: Could not load some older projects. He stopped at 60% conversion due to incorrect data.
Fixed: Sprite Editor miniature missing when the character G3 G1 used the eye.
Fixed: The time bar did not change immediately when the time unit / frame is changed in Project Settings.
Fixed: The program crashed when you click Remove the head, once the bone face was in the way of transformation.
Fixed: the program was blocked by adding mask connection, and then click Remove and re-G2 stage in some characters.
Fixed: Double-click a file from CTA project could not start CTA and bring the project to program in MAC.
Fixed: Linking the object G3 bone, sometimes did not work properly.
Fixed: When loading a scene and then a prop, the scene object chosen was replaced by a new support carga.Corregido: Possible crash during editing lips and then selecting the character.
Fixed: The program crashed to remove the diffuse map and then click Close in shaping eyes and teeth in the human character G1.
Fixed: Active Image disabled on the display section of the project settings.
Fixed: Could not delete the movement of the body part in the G3 character.
Fixed: the character's eyes disappeared when importing eyes G2 + G3 a character.
Fixed: Visemes overide Facial Sprites when Release Key function is used
Fixed: Invisible autoplay video program to reload the project.
Fixed: The program was blocked when you save the project after replacing the head of the character G1 in the Composer mode.
Fixed: Hands of G3 characters had to change sprite movements.


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