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1Blocker 1.4


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1Blocker 1.4
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  1Blocker v1.4

1Blocker website inspector allows you to detect number of ads and trackers on a page, analyze content size and loading time, as well as estimate 1Blocker effect in Safari. See for yourself how many ad networks and analytics providers build deep profiles about you across the web.

Using 1Blocker you can also block these ads and tracking scripts in Safari. In addition to ad blocking, you can also block comments, various social widgets, share buttons, obtrusive EU cookie law notices, adult sites, and more

Version 1.4:

Added a new rule type called "Make HTTPS" which will secure your requests. Here’s how it works: it changes a URL from HTTP to HTTPS before making a request to website server. URLs with a specified port (other than the default port 80) and links using other protocols are not affected.
Fixed GitHub comments
Fixed YouTube history not being saved
Fixed 9to5mac ads
Fixed broken DHL package tracking page
Fixed VOX and Verge cookie warning
Fixed Whitelist rule removal
Renamed our Safari extension 1Blocker Menu to 1Blocker Button, makes more sense now
Numerous other bug fixes and general performance improvements.


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