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Yesterday Origins
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  Yesterday Origins

Discover the latest adventure of Pendulo Studios, creators of Runaway and Hollywood Monsters!
1481. Young John is publicly humiliated by the Inquisition and gives his bones in a cold cell waiting to be tortured, accused of witchcraft.

Years later I have suffers an alchemical transmutation that will confer immortality. However, something goes wrong during thereafter ritual, John resurrects whenever he dies but in return, completely loses his memory.
More than 500 years later, today, John look with his partner Pauline the elements necessary to reproduce the ritual and amend the error. But research is not without its dangers, since other forces crave their secrets ...

Join the immortal John and Pauline Petit Yesterday Yesterday Origins and experience an epic adventure through time and space in a narrative full of intrigue and unexpected twists!

Pendulo Studios, with over 20 years experience in the genre of Adventure
Original story through several times
Mix of different styles: research, thriller, adventure, occultism ...
black and absurd humor, trademark
Over 10 places to visit, with more than 50 sets
More than 25 colorful characters
Original soundtrack creation
Adapted for mouse control


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