Pixel Film Studios - ProSmoke 5K

Pixel Film Studios - ProSmoke 5K


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Pixel Film Studios - ProSmoke 5K
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  Pixel Film Studios - ProSmoke 5K | Final Cut Pro X | 1 MB.

5k smoke effects for FCPX
Pixel Film Studios offers PROSMOKE 5K Ultra HD Smoke composite tool for any platform nonlinear video editing. Transform film shots and increase the suspense and danger with these compounds smoke! It includes on - screen controls and multi - point masks for FCPX.

COMPOSITE any nonlinear editing platform
PROSMOKE 5K consists of new composites smoke 5K resolution that can be used on any platform nonlinear video editing. Just superimpose the images of smoke in any clip and apply the compounds methods needed to achieve the desired look! It's that easy!

5K resolution shot
PROSMOKE 5K was filmed with 5K resolution to ensure that no matter how great the user to increase smoke The recording remains crisp and clear! These composites can also be used in ultra high definition native to match the vision of users to any HD format!

Many different angles and shots
PROSMOKE 5K comes with over 50 styles that allow the user to select the desired movement to match the angle of the camera, like the shooting environment you want! Select the desired clip, apply the compound method and enjoy!


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