Browserism 2.3

Browserism 2.3

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Browserism 2.3
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  Browserism 2.3 | Mac OS X | 4 MB.

Browserism is a small application that lives in the menu bar and helps you quickly change default web browser on your Mac. Out of the box, Browserism supports Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera, but you can also say Browserism use any other browser you have installed.

- Change the default web browser in the menu bar or using hotkeys
- Automatically Open specific links in specific browsers
- the default browser which is being used is automatically set
on / off opening links - in the background
- Display name and icon default browser * in the menu bar
- Automatically change the default browser on a schedule
- Rules. URL wildcard, such as * or apple *

Browserism can be configured to open sites / specific links in specific browsers. For example, you might have links open in Google Chrome YouTube and Facebook Open links in Safari.

Use a different browser on the work done at home? Browserism can set your browser to enable work at 9:00 am and your personal browser to activate at 5:00 PM (or whatever your working hours are).

Are you a web developer who constantly need to switch browsers? With silent feature Browserism switching shortcut key and support of the entire system, you will realize how Browserism instantly improve your workflow.

Whenever you have a need to change the default browser, or command links open in browsers, Browserism is the fastest and easiest way to do it. No need to look hard to find settings and menus or dealing with the system prompts annoying.


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