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Steamburg is an award-winning adventure and puzzle game with unique elements of history and exploration gameplay. The game has - been developed by Telehorse, a steampunk videogame company. I was Awarded the prize for the Best IMGA Next Game in San Francisco in March 2017.

The main character, Professor Vincent Cornelius Moore, fights against the robots invaded the city of That Steamburg. The gameplay is unique: Vincent is unarmed, so I must choose His Moves have wisely. You can only launch small electric pumps to Attract the robots and stop briefly Their progress. Vincent must walk the streets in a way That the Such robot chases That will hit him a Tesla coil and THUS be destroyed. It Seems pretty easy in the first levels. Then you must fight against robots at the same Several time, faster and faster Become Which, some of them can fly and others Respond to every movement of Vincent.

The narrative elements are of great importance. In 2016 Steamburg won an award for Best Narration at White Nights in Helsinki.The dialogues reveal That Vincent is a scientist responsible for testing a new weapon in Steamburg. At the same time, I is looking for His fiancee, WHO was reportedly in Steamburg Attacked When the robots. Some narrative elements are connected to the game Directly. Players can find many Also cards and photos and discover the love story of Vincent and his girlfriend.

Unique and addictive gameplay
32 levels Set in evocative steampunk
locations Various hidden locations and dozens of narrative objects to explore
Featured American and British actors : such as Bruce Glover (Known for Diamonds Are Forever and Chinatown)
Original Silver Rocket soundtrack


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