EazyDraw 8.7.3

EazyDraw 8.7.3

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EazyDraw 8.7.3
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  EazyDraw 8.7.3 | Mac OS X | 68 MB.

EazyDraw is a vector drawing application. For the full trip Jaguar (Mac OS 10.2) Sierra (macOS 10.12) and the new Touch retina input device Bar, EazyDraw has been the fiery path vector drawing app for MacOS.

EazyDraw is a productivity tool for expression and transmission of knowledge. Information, concepts and ideas rarely communicate by language (word processing) alone. Expand the expression of their ideas with symbols and integrated mapping using a vector drawing App - EazyDraw.

EazyDraw provides a balanced set of features that includes the necessary tools for technical design, graphic design and web application, print publication, logos, page layout and more. Easy enough for everyone, but with depth your project will need.

It includes full support for bitmap formats and vector graphics: Import and ungroup to edit PDF and EPS. SVG import and export DXF and now. Preview and publish in EPS and TIFF RGB or CMYK color process. Change CAD drawings scaled using DXF. Post web graphics. Create MacOS, iOS and watchos application development graphics and icons.

Full support for touch bar retina. Users who have MacBookPro late 2016 model with touch bar is applied. Touch Bar tools are contextual, the tools presented depend on the drawing front window and what is selected in the drawing window. We have tried not to duplicate the functionality of the attribute bar but we have tried to provide a useful additional tool functionality. According to Apple guidelines, the touchbar increases and does not replace common keyboard shortcuts. This means you can see the touch bar for shortcuts available recently and the ability to improve productivity.

Effluent in the Retina
The user interface EazyDraw version 8 is optimized for high-resolution graphics on the new Retina 5k technology. All graphics user interface are icons dual resolution and high resolution images. EazyDraw designers can use to create content display 5k. Application developers can use to design and produce EazyDraw graphics user interface easily, including automatic configuration of a full image 10 IconSet.

8 is signed version and runs safely using technology macOS gatekeeper. EazyDraw supports iCloud unit. EazyDraw 8 is 64 bits which provides accuracy and speed. This version has read and write multiwire conforming to the new standards macOS, providing an interface clean and efficient user and the full use of multiple processors for high performance, opening and saving large complex drawings.

Vector drawing without borders. Gone are the limitations encountered in restricted by other operating or based on technologies of the last century systems applications. Distribute your artwork with multiple pages. Assemble new designs with the convenience of several open and accessible on the desktop drawings. Drag and drop a single paragraph or whole layer of a reference drawing to current design.

Technical drawings (DXF support)
Get your designs on paper without the hassle "CAD". EazyDraw has all the necessary capacity to draw efficiently and accurately: scale drawing (s), using a grid, enter sizes numerically tools wall and window, associative dimensions. DXF export and import.

Features: Layers multiple windows drawing, symbol libraries, English units and / or metrics, scales drawing, vector traps, grids and guides, RGB and CMYK colors.


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